Use of Google Forms in students own research

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The good teaching practice at a glance

Subject of practice


Target groups


Educational level

Higher Education

Short Summary

Encourage students to perform their own research using simple and fast solutions.

Duration of the implementation

2012-10-01 07:15:00 - 2013-01-19 08:15:00

Difficulty of ICT solutions used


Detailed description

Age of learners

20 - 35

Learning outcomes

Encourage students to perform their own research using simple and fast solutions

Typical learning time

one semester

Description of challenges faced (Are there any difficulties teachers/learners might face?)

The only problem is that students try to ask too many questions > check, if the answer needs not more than 3 minutes.

Detailed description

Many students are afraid of even simple research using questionnaires. They are not aware of really simple tools like Google Forms, enabling delivery of online questionnaires literary in few minutes and simple statistical data analysis almost instantly.

Learning Activities / Implementation

  1. Ask students to prepare a set of no more than 10 questions, some of them closed, and some open
  2. Define the target group. Identify on-line places they are present, and best possible ways of accessing them (by e-mail; social networks; discussion forums; on websites etc)
  3. Use Google Forms (a part of Google Docs) to prepare online questionnaire
  4. Populate it by channels identified in step 2
  5. Analyze data both using Excel and Summary report of Google Forms

Resources used to realise the practice
Infrastructures/material resources
Tools used to realise the practice

Google Docs account, Google Forms, access to the Internet.

Area of good practice
  • ICT enabled learning - Using digital resources for face-to-face classroom practice & for online learning/blended classroom practice
This practice is
Transferable, Adaptability, Innovative, Acceptability, Impact, Effectiveness, Availability, Creativity

About the author

Name of contributorAndrzej Wodecki
Affiliation of contributor Tutor: diploma thesis at different levels, ranging from BSc to MBA
Institution where this practice was implementedMaria Curie Sklodowska University