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Digiskills Final Conference - Open Classroom Conference with ODS

The exploration of what makes school education innovative will be enhanced by practical activities demonstrating and demystifying those 21st century teacher skills and competences that are so often regarded as essential but intimidating. This free event will showcase and celebrate the excellence of "change agents" from all over Europe who – having been involved with EU projects like ODS and DigiSkills – developed and improved their digital skills and competences by participating in online trainings and face to face summer schools, workshops and competitions. All teachers yet novice to these innovative projects will be able to learn from these inspirational best practices and exploit the active community members' experiences and achievements.

suba's picture's DigiSkills Workshop on Open Access organised a full day workshop (13.07.2015) on open access content and practices. The practical activities of the workshop were based on the Digiskills open repository. The participants were experts in social sciences, communication, anthropology and environment with teaching and informal training experience.
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Digiskills at the the 6th "International Conference on New Horizons in Education"

It was a wonderful June for DigiSkills. Two international events hosted a Digiskills event, in the same time at the same place, in Barcelona, where both the 2015 EDEN Annual Conference and the 66th "International Conference on New Horizons in Education" inBarcelona, Spain from 10-12 June 2015. took place.

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Digiskills workshop in Patras

Digiskills workshop took place in Patras on 11/5/2015 at the premises of Experimental Secondary school of Patras. The event was co-organized by Digiskills and ODS projects and it was attended by 17 participants. The event was dedicated to teachers from rural schools. In the Digiskills workshop the participated rural teachers registered to Digiskills platform navigated it and rated the corresponding best practice "Web 2.0 community building for teachers"