Multimedia - 6th grade Computer science through Footloose Musical

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The good teaching practice at a glance

Subject of practice

Computer science, art, music, croatian language

Target groups


Educational level

Secondary Education

Short Summary

The main idea of this scenario was to include as many educational areas (language and communication, art, computer science area) and thus fulfill many educational objectives in all these areas, as well as general educational goals. In addition, I wanted the time spent in school to be more pleasant and fun for the students and so I tried to convince them that the school should not  necessarily be synonymous with "torture" and cramming, but on the contrary, that time in school may be filled with joy and happiness. The musical, which is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance seemed a good choice. Footloose seemed a good choice also because of the sociological significance of a story it  shows.

The project Footloose connected the students of sixth and eighth grades and also the ones which were isolated and introverted. All the students  have shown their willingness, effort and unity to create their own musical and realize how important teamwork is. "Our" Footloose has enobled all participants, showed that school can be an oasis of fun, joy, creative leisure time, socializing and learning in several ways. The musical has strengthened school culture, but also the community in which the school operates, which was proved during the premiere show with full hall of proud parents, friends, neighbors, teachers.

Duration of the implementation

2015-07-06 17:15:00 - 2015-07-06 17:15:00

Difficulty of ICT solutions used



Detailed description

Age of learners

15 - 20

Learning outcomes

1. to develop understanding, interest, respect for native language 2. to develop the ability of public speaking and public events 3. learn to create animations and posters, record and process video and audio clips and to process digital photos 4. to d

Typical learning time

10 months

Detailed description

Phase 1- motivation

We organized an audition  where we hosted members of the original Footloose musical ensemble: Nikola Milat, Bojan Jambrošić  and Lelu Kaplowitz to make real Broadway atmosphere. The students acted, sang, played and danced, and B Glad Production rewarded them. Article about the audition was published on, on the website of the original musical and in Modra Lasta magazine which  motivated the  students even more.

Phase 2 – drama and scene preparation of the musical

The preparation included the most linguistically-communicational area. The students prepared their own scenario and so they have developed an understanding, interest and respect for their native language. During the drama rehearsal, they saw the consequences of their own acts and attitudesas well as the attitudes and acts of others; accepted rules of collaborative relationships in the group, solidarity, courtesy, mutual support and acceptance of diversity; 

Phase 3 – computer science class- multimedia

Students have learned to create animations and posters, recorded and processed video and audio clips. All the assignments had the same theme, Footloose. Their work were published on the school website. They found the purpose of social networking in education and dissemination of information by creating a Facebook page "Footloose mjuzikl osnovne škole Gornje Vrapče" on which the have systematically posted about all the events and informations about the musical. Animations were e-mailed to B Glad production that published them on their web and we used them for the Webfestival 2012 contest. The seriousness of their intent we have shown by recording the soundtrack CD from musical in professional studio. video

The school was visited by the team of Croatian national television that made a reportage about the musical preparation. On the day of the premiere  the students have captured the show  with camera and made a DVD with recording of the same.

Phase 4– building a scenery

Phase 5– the premiere 

A part of the premiere you can see here.

Learning Activities / Implementation


Resources used to realise the practice
Tools used to realise the practice

sound & light production

Country of originCroatia
Language of the practiceEnglish
Website related$2F$Xsv8Ja82yXBz9GJeH8dLA$...
Status of the practiceFinal
Download full practice desciprion multimedija-_informatika_6._razred_kroz_footloose_mjuzikl_.pdf
Area of good practice
  • ICT enabled learning - Using digital resources for face-to-face classroom practice & for online learning/blended classroom practice
  • Community Building - Using digital resources to connect learners/build communities
  • Quality and Assessment - Using digital resources to better assess learning
This practice is

About the author

Name of contributorAna Budojevic
Affiliation of contributor teacher
Institution where this practice was implementedOS Gornje Vrapce, Zagreb