Interaction design workshop

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The good teaching practice at a glance

Subject of practice


Target groups

Teachers and students

Educational level

Higher Education

Short Summary

To deliver students a practical workshop dealing with design of an interactive product prototype. To use methods and principles of interaction design. Training students in evaluation methodology.

Duration of the implementation

2015-01-15 06:30:00 - 2015-01-16 15:30:00

Detailed description

Age of learners

20 - 35

Learning outcomes

Developing by students competences for full iterative process of designing interactive products and interfaces.

Typical learning time

10 - 12 hours

Detailed description

Aim of the workshop is offering to students a quick iterative process of interaction design.

Two groups of students had to design, evaluate and implement a digital product prototype for elderly people.

Final presentation of students work at the end of the workshop.

Learning Activities / Implementation

Intensive two day workshop delivered great results encouraging this type of class activities.

For even better results more students should be involved.

A seven day workshop for achieving more comprehensive results.

Resources used to realise the practice
Human resources
Country of originCroatia
Language of the practiceCroatian
Website related
Status of the practiceDraft
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Area of good practice
  • ICT enabled learning - Using digital resources for face-to-face classroom practice & for online learning/blended classroom practice
This practice is
Transferable, Adaptability, Impact, Creativity, Collaborative

About the author

Name of contributorNikola Marangunic
Affiliation of contributor Teacher
Institution where this practice was implementedFaculty of Science, University of Split, Croatia