Exemple d'un scénario de formation à la « co-écriture » comme un usage du wiki

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The good teaching practice at a glance

Subject of practice

Colaborative learning

Target groups


Educational level

Secondary Education

Short Summary

 The SoRuraLL project (LLP, KA3, 2009-2010) aims to explore opportunities for enhancing learning throughout life offered by the tools and platforms of social networks for people living in rural areas disadvantaged geographically and socio-economically.

In this context, several Spanish primary schools in rural areas, with students aged 3 to 12, conducted joint educational activities reinforced by social networking tools. Their participation was coordinated by the research team Future Learning (www.futurelearning.org), an initiative that arose from the University of Barcelona. One of the main results of the project was a SoRuraLL based platform called web SoRuraLL Virtual World Learning (VLW). She was co-designed by the project partners and consisted of a friendly web interface overlooking a private environment adapted to the changing interests of rural communities. This activity was for two schools (CEIP Rellinars and CEIP Sant Serni - Prats) in co-creation of a hypermedia story like "choose your own adventure", using a wiki application.

Duration of the implementation

2014-01-19 22:30:00 - 2014-01-19 22:30:00

Difficulty of ICT solutions used


Detailed description

Age of learners

35 - 45

Learning outcomes

pratiquer les compétences d'écriture créative, les compétences artistiques - pratiquer les compétences de communication linguistique (espagnol) - pratiquer les compétences de lecture - pratiquer les compétences numériques -

Description of challenges faced (Are there any difficulties teachers/learners might face?)

 - Practicing creative writing skills, artistic skills
- practice linguistic communication skills (Spanish)
- practicing reading skills
- practicing competences
- improving social skills and cooperation face-to-face and virtually.

Detailed description

Narrative Description / sequential learning activities 

Each participating school has participated in the design of history. The students, guided by their teacher, wrote the story sequences assigned to them and illustrated them with photos, drawings, and other types of media (video, sound effects, etc.). The story was organized in different nodes (each node represents a place of history, in which a specific action takes place) and actions (ranging from one place to another). Each node corresponds to a wiki page. So the story is an interactive hypertext environment.

Learning Activities / Implementation

Collaborative storytelling with wikis

Resources used to realise the practice
Infrastructures/material resources
Tools used to realise the practice


Country of originFrance
Language of the practiceFrench
Website relatedYnternet.org - Recherche et formation en culture numérique | Ynternet
Status of the practiceFinal
Download full practice desciprion wikiskills_training_content_fr.pdf
Area of good practice
  • ICT enabled learning - Using digital resources for face-to-face classroom practice & for online learning/blended classroom practice
  • Community Building - Using digital resources to connect learners/build communities
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About the author

Name of contributorLEVY REMI
Affiliation of contributor Project manager
Institution where this practice was implementedYNTERNET.ORG
Contact e-mailremi.levy@ynternet.org