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The good teaching practice at a glance

Subject of practice


Target groups


Educational level

Secondary Education

Short Summary

The overall objective of COLLAGE is the creation of an innovative and more flexible approach to e-learning. The COLLAGE project aspires to identify existing applications of mobile learning for schools, build on these examples to go a step further and develop an innovative state-of-the-art application that adopts a game-based approach.

Duration of the implementation

2015-02-02 18:00:00 - 2015-02-06 18:00:00

Difficulty of ICT solutions used


Detailed description

Age of learners

15 - 20

Learning outcomes

game based learning, inquiry based learning, connectio between informal and formal learning

Typical learning time

50 minutes

Description of challenges faced (Are there any difficulties teachers/learners might face?)

There are no difficulties if teachers know how to use digital technology.

Detailed description

The COLLAGE aspires to support the development of a new ‘everywhere-learning’ and ‘lifelong-learning’ culture among secondary school students, who will realise that the walls of their classroom do not exist as a barrier between school activities and everyday life, and that learning is related to life in general rather only to schooling.

The COLLAGE platform supports the authoring and playing of a board-like game on a site of educational interest. The game is played with the aid of mobile learning technology (mainly mobile phones and PDA's, and GPS technology) with direct communication with players situated on site or in the classroom.

Learning Activities / Implementation

How to create a game:

How to play a game:

Resources used to realise the practice
Tools used to realise the practice

mobile phones,tablets

Country of originGreece
Language of the practiceGreek
Website related
Status of the practiceFinal
Download full practice desciprion Guide of Good Practice COLLAGE EPINOIA, 2008, ISBN 978-960-6701-56-6
Area of good practice
  • ICT enabled learning - Using digital resources for face-to-face classroom practice & for online learning/blended classroom practice
Copyright related to this practice

Attribution 4.0 International

This practice is

About the author

Name of contributorElias Stouraitis
Affiliation of contributor Teacher/ Researcher
Institution where this practice was implementedElinogermaniki Agogi